The PTR records for all IP addresses in
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge11.gw.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR registro.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mail.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge11.gw01.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge11.gw02.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge12.gw.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR beta.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR rdap.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR rpki-fe4.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR rpki-fe5.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR rpki-demo.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR updown-demo.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR www2.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR krill-demo.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR registro.api.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR spbr.labs.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR dsc2.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR politicas.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR irr.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR whois2.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR whois3.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR whois4.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR admin.certiv6.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR rpki-fe2.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR tools.labs.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR alfa.registro.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR registro-demo.api.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR rpki-fe3.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR apikey.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR geo.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ws.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR milacnic-demo.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR fortproject.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR rpki-ud1.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR eventos.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR www3.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR www5.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR pagos-master.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR solicitudes.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR dbbr.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR campus.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR www.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR rpki.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR elecciones.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR pagos.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR milacnic.lacnic.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge12.gw02.lacnic.net.
47 out of 256 IP addresses in appear to have a PTR.

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