The PTR records for all IP addresses in
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge-103-0-10.dis01.ml2.eu.equinix.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR www.paneangeli.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR app-3.assodom.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge-104-0-0.dis01.ml2.eu.equinix.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge-105-0-5.dis02.ml2.eu.equinix.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR antispam.praxi.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge-105-0-35.dis01.ml2.eu.equinix.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 194.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 194.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 196.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 197.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 198.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 199.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 200.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 201.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 202.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 203.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 204.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 205.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 206.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 207.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 208.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 209.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 210.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 211.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR posta.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 213.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 214.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 215.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 216.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR servermail.polini.tv.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR dns2.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR posta.polini.tv.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 220.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 221.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR 222.euro-team.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ge-105-0-25.dis02.ml2.eu.equinix.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR infoservnet.biz.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR host.fattura-free.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ddstaff.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR server1.renfeel.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR srv-smtp-auth.wime.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR server1.youkulele.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR vmx103.explora-service.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR vmx26.explora-service.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ded1004001.explora-service.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR vmx29.explora-service.it.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR vmx101.explora-service.it.
48 out of 256 IP addresses in appear to have a PTR.

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