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IPv6 Address Blocks - Greece

2001:1548::/32 SYNAPSECOM S.A., SYNAPSECOM S.A. , whois AS8280 2009-09-17
2a00:1cb8::/32 OTEGlobe - OTE Global Solutions SA, OTEGlobe - OTE Global Solutions SA , whois AS12713 2010-03-08
2a00:1f68::/32 Interworks Ltd. , whois   2010-04-19
2001:4d70::/32 Papadopoulos Ioannis & SIA E.E. , GLOBAL NETWORKS , whois   2009-09-16
2a00:a880::/32 WIND HELLAS TELECOMMUNICATIONS SA , whois   2011-05-18
2a01:2b8::/32 Technical Chamber of Greece , whois   2007-02-21
2a01:638::/32 Algonet S.A. , whois   2007-11-29
2a01:b500::/32 COSMOLINE TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES S.A., Telecommunications Services, Athens Hellas, COSMOLINE S.A , whois AS16022 2011-03-14
2a02:580::/32 Ote SA (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation), OTEv6 , whois AS6799 2008-07-03
2a02:5c8::/32 ON S.A., ON Telecoms org object , whois   2008-07-10
2a02:858::/32 Hellas OnLine Electronic Communications S.A., hellas online IPv6 Block , whois AS3329 2009-01-07
2a02:1388::/32 COSMOTE Internet Services, Cosmote Mobile Telecommunication S.A., Cosmote Internet Services , whois AS29247 2010-05-19
2a02:2148::/32 FORTHnet SA, Forthnet IPv6 Route Object , whois AS1241 2010-07-15
2a02:2298::/32 Dataways Hellas A.E. , whois   2010-08-12
2a02:28a0::/32 Theodosios Rouselis & AFOI O.E., BNB corporate network , whois AS31443 2010-11-05
2a02:2a70::/32 Verizon Hellas Telecommunications Single Member Limited Liability Company, GR-UUNET-20101024, Verizon Hellas Telecommunications Single Member Limited Liability Company , whois AS702 2010-11-24
2a02:4900::/32 dnHost Shared Management Subnet, routed via LeaseWeb , whois AS16265 2011-03-16
2a03:7180::/32 Space Hellas S.A. , whois   2011-09-26
2a03:e500::/32 Com-ToNet , whois   2011-04-19
2a03:f000::/32 TELLAS Telecommunication Services S.A. , whois   2010-12-08
2001:678:7::/48 Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas, [.gr] ccTLD anycast cloud , whois AS48053 2008-09-25
2001:648::/32 Greek Research and Technology Network S.A, GRNETv6 , whois AS5408 1999-12-08
2001:67c:229c::/48 Information Society S.A., EGV , whois AS50555 2011-05-20

1328794026     GR IPv6 report, 1663793830651190318722772369408 IPv6 addresses in 23 IPv6 allocations and assingments
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