IPduh.com   Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is enforced on ipduh.com and not all the ipduh.com subdomains.

IPduh logs query, IP address, and time of query in an semi cold database,
and deletes all logs in the ipduh servers every five minutes.
IPduh does not share ipduh activity logs third party statististics services.

Howerver, while on IPduh, Google may track you through the Adsense Ads and the Google search engines that handle many of the queries. Google's privacy policy may be found at the Google Privacy Policy site.

If you respect your privacy test your privacy and learn how to disable cookies or whatever else you don't want enabled in your browser yourself.

Use Firefox. Even better, use Tor.
IPduh gives priority to queries originating from the Tor network.

IPduh and Google Adsense make use of cookies ( pieces of data stored in your system by your user agent ). Cookies is one of the many mechanisms that may be used to track your browsing sessions. You can use most of IPduh with cookies disabled just fine. You will need to enable cookies if you want to use the ipduh contact form. Email addresses collected by the IPduh contact form will never be shared with a third party or used in any kind of solicitation.

The IPduh tool ip/srv does pass the IP address of the IPduh user requesting a non-cached scan to the web server of the scanned system. If the scan has been cached allready by IPduh, then the IP address of the IPduh user requesting the scan is not passed to the scanned system. More about ip/srv.

Apropos queries that do not end up in the IPduh search are not processed by Google and they abide to the privacy policy for IPduh queries and not the Google Privacy Policy.

The Advertisements displayed in IPduh are provided by Google. Google uses cookies served of a doubleclick.net subdomain to collect data related to the Google Advertising Services. You can learn more about the Google Advertising Services Privacy Policy at the Google Advertising Services Privacy Center and even opt out of the DoubleClick cookie. You could also disable third party cookies or disable cookies all together in your browser.

IPduh user information ( only the IP address ) may make it to the IPduh Black List for users identified as abusive. The IPduh Black List is a public list. You can query the IPduh Black List with ip/dnsbl.

If you see one 0x193 - Forbidden do not panic.
It takes way more than that to make it to the IPduh black list.
0x193 - Forbidden holds usually go away within 75 seconds.
The IPduh service guards, that throw the 0x193 - Forbidden errors, are trigger-happy and have a high false positive rate.

The mechanisms printing your caching nameservers, etag IDs, your last socket, visits frequency, and other sensitive information used by the Anonymity Checker and the Privacy Test are not used anywhere else in the IPduh site.

When using my/geoloc, IPduh shares your IP address with your browser's ( eg Firefox ) preferred location service provider ( eg Google Location Services ). These providers usually use cookies to identify your browser. Google uses a cookie named PREF to identify your browser. To learn more about the Google HTML5 location aware browsing privacy policy see the Google Location Service in Mozilla Firefox Privacy Policy . No other IPduh tool uses HTML5 location aware browsing.

You may see a note that your system is infected by malicious software when visiting IPduh. That note may also mean that your IP address was recently used by an infected system or that there is an infected system in your local network. IPduh does not really scan your system nor your network. IPduh's deduction would be based on IPduh's passive Internet analysis and abusive & abused hosts lists maintained by reliable trusted third parties. Not seing such note when you visit IPduh does not mean that your system is not infected by malware.

You may add the ipduh search to your
Firefox Search Engines by installing
the ipduh apropos search add on
or some of the ipduh android firefox addons
to your Firefox,
or Tor browser.

Hmm, now I have to add a link to the Mozilla Privacy Policy,
there you go.

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