The PTR records for all IP addresses in
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR COMPUTER-CA.edge1.Houston1.Level3.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.washdc3-cmb1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.cambridge1-sr3.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae5-1096.edge9.Dallas1.Level3.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.cambridge1-nbr1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR poolns1.Level3.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l99.washdc3-cmb1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l4.crtntx1-cmb1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.miasfl1-cr5.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.burlma2-cr1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.nchicago2-cr1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.nchicago2-cr2.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.nchicago2-ts2.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.nchicago2-ts3.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR nresolver1.Level3.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR lo0.iplvin1-hcr5.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ntpserver1.Level3.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae2-1212.bar1.Philadelphia1.Level3.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR VERIZON-COM.bar1.Philadelphia1.Level3.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l1.washdc3-cmb1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.jackson-cr1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.baltimore1-ts1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.vienna1-ts1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.vienna1-ts3.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.vienna1-ts4.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.vienna1-br2.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.vienna1-cr1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.vienna1-cr2.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.vienna1-cr3.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.vienna1-cr5.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.columbia1-sr1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l0.columbia1-ts1.bbnplanet.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR l99.cambridge1-mbone3.bbnplanet.net.
33 out of 256 IP addresses in appear to have a PTR.

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