The PTR records for all IP addresses in
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR local.geogps.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mta98.traveltogeorgia.info.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mail.omgroup.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mta100.traveltogeorgia.info.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mta101.traveltogeorgia.info.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mta102.traveltogeorgia.info.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mta103.traveltogeorgia.info.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mta104.traveltogeorgia.info.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mta105.traveltogeorgia.info.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mail.hotdeals.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR mail.geopaysoft.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR cp2.co.hostnodes.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ip.hostnodes.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR hostnodes.biennial.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR gw01.tbs02.weaver.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ns1.cpanel.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ns2.cpanel.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR srv01.tbs02.cpanel.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR srv01.tbs02.weaver.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR tegeta.customer.weaver.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR vpn01.tbs02.weaver.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ibg.customer.weaver.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR tbs02-ds03.cpanel.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR counter.top.ge.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR main.forum.ge.
25 out of 256 IP addresses in appear to have a PTR.

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