The PTR records for all IP addresses in
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae4.cr-sargas.lon1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae0.cr-merak.lon5.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae9.cr-merak.lon5.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae0.cr-nunki.sxb1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae3-u100.pe-sirius.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae1.dr-slave.ld5.core.webfusion.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae3-u100.pe-mizar.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae1.dr-master.ld5.core.webfusion.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae6.cr-sargas.lon1.core.heg.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae6.cr-merak.lon5.core.heg.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae5-u100.cr-sargas.lon1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae1-u100.pe-sirius.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae7-u100.cr-sargas.lon1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae8-u100.cr-merak.lon5.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae3-u101.pe-sirius.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae3-u101.pe-mizar.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae11.cr-merak.lon5.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae11.cr-polaris.fra1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae7.cr-merak.lon5.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae1.pe-mizar.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR xe-1-0-2-u100.cr-merak.lon5.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR p4136.probes.atlas.ripe.net.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae0.pe-sirius.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae0.pe-mizar.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae4-u100.pe-mizar.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR ae4-u100.pe-sirius.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR cs-scrub01.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR pe-mizar.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
ip  dnsbl  srv  tr PTR pe-sirius.lds1.bb.godaddy.com.
29 out of 256 IP addresses in appear to have a PTR.

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